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Style Is Lengendary

Hello sweets,
I find that not many know about my mailing list link
Hence, if you want to be in my mailing list, you can actually find the link as stated at the below, click onto 'Add me to mailing list' as shown in linnyberry to go to the page:

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OR click here: http://linnyberry.livejournal.com/14013.html#cutid1/

Linnyberry's House Rules:

I don't do reservation.
But if you're really interested in the item, please transfer a deposit amount to me for confirmation that you REALLY want the item.

I don't do backorder.
And for certain item, if my supplier still have stock and you want to do a meet up, please transfer half of the amount or full amount before meetup to confirm your order. I don't like dead buyers.

I don't usually do meetup unless it's really neccessary. The meetup place will usually be in town area such as 'City Hall'(weekends), 'Orchard'(weekends) or 'SIM'(weekdays).

Confirmation of the item must be confirmed within 24 hours. Priority will be given to those who confirm the item.
Payment must be make within 24 hours else the item will be released to the next interested buyer.

If you have any enquiry, please feel free drop me a comment.

Happy shopping!